Black Julian

Released February 14th, 2017
Label: Footklan Music Group/Stretched Out Management
1. Intro (God in the City) (feat. Corey Black)
2. Best Rapper Alive Like Weezy
3. Don't Judge Her (feat. Tara Tee)
4. Genocide (feat. T-Dubb-O, Monkh, The Knuckles)
5. Pray for Me (feat. Nick Menn, Mai Lee, Bradd Young)
6. FVCK 12 (feat. Monkh)
7. Bring Me Down (feat. Rockwell Knuckles)
8. New Ice Cube
9. Wait for Me (feat. T-Dubb-O)
10. Assata
11. Testimony (feat. GLC)
12. Die High
13. Tubman's Bounce
14. Cancel That (feat. Monkh)